Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Are Your Views About Organ Donation?

Surgeons performing an organ transplantation
Surgeons performing an organ transplantation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It seems that every time I turn around someone is asking me if I want to be designated as an organ donor in the case of my untimely death. I say untimely, because if I live another 30+ years as I hope I wonder if they would even use my stale organs? Anyway, I used to sign up for organ donation all the time mostly because my thought was, well it might help someone and what the hell I'm going to be dead anyway (I hope!).

Some time ago, however, I started re-thinking that. Organ donation requests always try to make you feel guilty, making you believe that this act is selfless and something everyone with half a heart should do. But, what about the other side, the medical side of it. After all, the doctors and hospitals that are doing organ transplants certainly aren't discounting their prices, they're making huge profits off transplants as it is a very expensive operation often requiring the patient be in the critical care ward, which runs up a pretty big tab in no time at all.

So, I've put off designating myself as an organ donor for now. I think the guilt they put on you is a scam. If the doctors were willing to forgo their own fees then maybe I'd listen. Or, if they were willing to pay my heirs for the organs they harvest, I'd go along with that. Without the organs they don't get to continue their lucrative business. I know that sound hard-hearted, but that's the way it is for me right now.

Please share your own views in the comments. I'm ready to be blasted for what is an unpopular stance.
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