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How Can I Get things Done with a Screaming Baby

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The Benefit of Using an Infant Sling for Infants

Newborn's are accustom to the mother's womb.  The mother's womb offered comfort and security to the newborn baby.

The baby can hear mom breathing, bubbling noises and mom's heart beat.  All these sounds and hearing mom's voice were soothing to your baby.

The closest to being in the womb is a baby sling.  The baby sling holds your baby nice and securely against your body.

The baby then feels secure.  The baby feels the warmth that it once did in the womb.  The baby hears your heart beating.  Your baby feels safe and comfortable in the baby sling because it's so much like being in the womb.

The Benefits of a Baby Sling

Since your baby is close to you.  Your baby will stop crying.  Not only will your baby be happier but you will too.

You can get more done without the crying.  You can get things that need to be done around the house.

You can do more things outside the home like shopping, exercising going anywhere without the hassle of using a stroller.

Strollers are not that convenient.  First you have to fold the baby stroller put the stroller in your vehicle.

Once you get where you're going then you must unload the stroller from your vehicle.  Unfold the stroller make adjustments then put your baby in the stroller while strapping your baby in the stroller.

Getting in and out of doors can be bothersome.  Try to push a shopping cart while you shop and a stroller its not easy.

Your baby's diaper leaked all over the stroller.  Nice who is going to clean that up?  If your baby's diaper leaks in the baby sling you just simply throw the baby sling in the wash machine.  No Problem!

Having more than one baby sling would be the ticket.  If you breast feed.  You can do so unnoticed with privacy right in public.

Question:  After reading "How Can I Get things Done with a Screaming Baby"can you see how a baby sling could be better than using a stroller or do you disagree?

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