Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If You Could Live In A Different Time What Would It Be?

crazy clock picture
Imagine that through some means, perhaps an alien visit, you were given the opportunity to travel in time. We'll assume that the being offering you this chance to use their technological marvel is trustworthy. They are not trying to send you off to a different dimension or a slave labor camp on Planet Delusian X.  It's totally free, but there are a few conditions you must consider.

First, you will only be offered this chance once, don't ask again. Second, you will not be stranded in the time you choose. In fact, you must return after one year. Of course, he (or she?) will provide you with clothing and means for support appropriate to the time period you choose. An all-expenses paid time vacation! The final condition is that under no circumstances must you attempt to alter the time-line in any significant manner nor to attempt to profit from knowledge gained during your time journey. So, sorry, but you can not go back and, for instance, prevent Lincoln's assassination, or sell stock short just before big market crash.

Do you think that you could resist such an offer and just say, "Oh, I like it just fine in this time?"  If you said that I would have serious doubts about you! But, you would at least have taken the easy way out, provided you didn't regret your decision later.

If you decide to take the offer from your alien friend, you first have to decide whether to go into the past, or to go into the future. Except for the far, far past before recorded history, you'd at least have some idea what you were in for. You could study history books and make an educated decision about the best time to land within a particular period. On the other hand, except for the next few years, you really have no idea what's in store for you in the future, especially given the rapid development of technology and society that is happening right now. You might, though, make a guess that we'll all have flying cars in 50 years, so why not land 100 years from now (when the cars will be cheaper!)?

So, where and when would you like to go? What especially would you like to see for yourself, to experience for yourself? How do you think you would spend that year-long vacation in time?

by Casey Bahr, guest blogger, who authors A Dull Roar, Last Unturned Stone, and Cloud Warmer blogs.