Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Walking Dead" Are Zombies for Real or Not You Be the Judge

Zombie Walk in Edmonton
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I read an article that got my attention about zombies.  I saw all the zombie movies and thats all I thought they were was dumb movies.

After reading this article I got to thinking about what I heard on the news a few nights ago.  On the news they said a man tried to eat this other mans face off.

When I heard a man tried to eat the other mans face off.  I never thought about Zombies.

I thought the man is either crazy or a cannibal.  I also seen on one of the educational shows not to long ago about how tribes eat each other and what cannibalism does to the brain.

The show showed you how this disease that only effects cannibals effected their behavior.

The ones that got the disease acted and looked just like a zombie.  Science has been doing studies about the possibilities that zombie exists. 

In the article that I am about to share with you there is biblical scriptures that describe zombies.

So what do you think?  Could it be true that zombies do exits?

 Zombies are real- in the bible and in science.

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