Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Regrow Hair After Chemo

Cancer patients often under go chemotherapy.  It is bad enough that you get sick from chemotherapy and suffer other side effect such as hair-loss.

If you have suffered from hair-loss after chemo treatments.  You can regrow your hair.

I am not trying to sell you any miracal drug or supplement.  However,you might have to purchase in pill form if these plants do not grow in your area.

You can visit this article that explains what you either need to eat or take in order to regrow your hair.

You will get useful information and photo illustrations on the type of plants to look for or a supplement to take that will regrow your hair.

If you have seen these plants I encourage you to watch the Greene Deane Video.  So that you can learn the proper way to pick and consume these plants.


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