Sunday, October 30, 2011

What should you know before buying your first horse?

A western saddle with additional silver, suita...Image via WikipediaI have taken a few lesson riding a horse called Tammy.  I just fell in love from the first day I rode her.  This horse seems to fit me just perfect.

My friend talked me into going horseback riding with her.  I was hesitant at first but when we got to the ranch it seemed like nothing else mattered.

I was in awe!  Everyone was having a good time.  I was excited the first time I got up on a horse but scared when the horse moved.  I suddenly realized the horse has control.

The lady lead the horse around the ring a few time.  I began to relax.  The lady let go of the horse and stood at the gate and told me what to do with the rains.

I walked the horse for several hours.  That was my first lesson.

My second lesson I learned how to trot but first I learn the basics for grooming and saddling the horse.  The saddle was heavy.  I was learning on a western saddle.  Some people were ridding with an English saddle.  The lady said they always start beginners on a western saddle until riders learn balance and gain confidence.

The first time I trotted I knew why they start you out on a western saddle because I hung on to the saddle horn for dear life.

When I got done trotting the horse around I don't know who was sweating more me or the horse.  The lady told me to take the saddle off than walk the horse around for 20 minutes or so than brush the horse when I am done.

I noticed with each lesson they gave me more responsibility for the horse.  I have enjoyed the lessons so much I am even thinking of buying a horse.  What is your thought on owning a horse?

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